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We want a Bohemian & Chic Wedding

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Bohemian & Chic has started a new venture into the world of weddings.  We are taking small steps to reaching this new goal, since it takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination. Our first event was participating in Wedding Sevilla, a wonderful experience and we walked away with loads of positive feedback and support from visitors.  Soon to be wed couples and suppliers from the world of weddings were interested in our services, wanted to hear details about what we can offer, asked lots of questions and leading me to writing this post.

Are you planning to get married soon and want a unique and very original wedding? The we are the ones to meet your expectations and make your dream wedding come true.  We work based on our creativity, hand made decoration and elegant pieces.  Our goal is to listen to your wishes and requirements, provide you with proper advice and recommendations and get working right away to make sure your wedding day is just perfect.

If you’re reading this post, it means you do not want a classic wedding, but rather are looking for a very unique event, the special wedding day you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

We relieve that decoration is the key to having a unique wedding.  We create tailor made atmospheres that transmit the couple’s personal taste to make that day the best day of their lives.

Your wedding day decoration has to have a leit-motif, a theme, a feeling..



Sunflower Wedding Decorations | Wedding invitations, Wedding invitation wording and Wedding etiquette





Wedding Style (Country, Rustic, Vintage, Romantic…)









Theme weddings (sixties, movie themes, theatrical, sports…)








Or maybe a combination of color, themes and styles, we can make it happen!


We like to create different stages like…












Hand Made Signs














Seating Plan









Decoration – Table Settings









Candy bar – Coffe bar – Cheese and olive bar









Play Area for children















Chill out










Wedding Cakes











You can get more inspiration ideas from my Pinterest Borrad – Wedding – which I recommend you follow.


Now that we’ve given you picture ideas,  we get to the question, how can we help you with your wedding day?  Easy, let me explain the five steps you need to follow:


One – Request the first appointment.  Yes, let’s meet, at least one month before your wedding day so we avoid mishaps.  You’ll have enough on your mind and we want to provide you with all the help you need.


Two – We listen, yes, to the two of you, you both count!  Tell us how you picture your weddin day.  We want to know about your personal tastes, theme, color, style, all the do’s and don’ts.  And we can also help you if you have no idea of what you’d like.  We want to make sure our proposal includes all the decoration details and that we take care of everything for you.  You and your partner and guests only need to think of having fun and enjoying your special day.


Three – We prepare an inspirational board with the various possibilities – in case you are not clear on color, theme, stlye, etc  Our inspirational boards will give you a visual and texture sample of our proposal.


Four – We begin the countdown! Once we have your approval on our proposal we get working away.  We provide continuous updates, communication each step of the way.


Five -  It is THE DAY.  We will take care of everything, so just relax and let this be the first day of your new life.




We can provide complete wedding planning services or just provide the decoration services and work alongside the wedding planner of your choice.  We work with the best suppliers in the market, but the choice is yours, we do not have preferred or exclusivity with any supplier.


So what’s the next step for our Bohemian&Chic wedding? If YOU DO, then please contact us by sending the attached request via email at, by phone at +34 628269684 or through Skype, whichever way works best for you.


If you think this information may be useful to someone else, please share it through social media or email.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to read and share.  


Reminder – if you want to keep up with us at Bohemian&Chic, please subscribe to our newsletter.  We promise to send you pretty things to brighten your life!



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